About Spatially Health

Our story

Spatially Health was founded to advance applied data science, location intelligence and dignified healthcare. Our innovative approach is built upon a simple motto that drives our predictive modeling:
Tell the local story.”

We believe localized intelligence is the dynamic — yet underutilized — key to accelerating optimal health outcomes. And we’re here to change that.

Spatially Health

Our mission

We believe people have the right to live in dignity and with equity in fulfilling their individual needs. We call this the human-spatial relationship.

Spatially Health leverages the power of spatial analytics for healthcare applications. Our proprietary, scalable data models present location-based visualizations that go beyond zip codes, revealing the underlying connections and relationships between communities and their healthcare choices.

This modern vision of strategic health tech — the adoption of new tools + a new way of thinking — allows our partners to properly contextualize, and thereby enhance, all data-driven decision making, raising their performance benchmarks in healthcare delivery.


Leadership Team

Hillit Meidar-Alfi, PhD

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Hillit is a trained architect with over a decade of extensive experience working in housing, urban planning and design, and healthcare.


In 2019, Hillit combined her passions for applied data science and innovative solutions to create Spatially Health, a technology company focused on utilizing the analytics of location intelligence to restructure how we think about optimizing outcomes in healthcare markets.


Hillit holds a Master of City Planning and PhD from the University of Pennsylvania, and a Bachelor of Architecture from Carnegie Mellon University.

Adi Segal

Co-founder & Chief Data Officer

With more than 15 years of software development and software architecture experience in expert systems and Big Data projects, Adi has in-depth expertise in leading edge technologies. These include reactive system development and cloud technologies.

Adi holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a master’s degree in Operations Research from Columbia University.