We are a team of data scientists, healthcare professionals and accomplished startup veterans.


The relentless pursuit of data truth unifies our diverse backgrounds, and places the power of spatial intelligence at your fingertips.


We believe people have the right to live in dignity and to fulfill their human-centric needs.


Spatial analytics reveal the underlying connections and relationships behind why people and communities interact with health choices the way they do. At Spatially, our mission is to help shape the future of healthcare by emphasizing this human-centric approach.


Spatially Health starts by thinking proactively, not reactively, about the potential of streamlined, spatial-based data. We believe that addressing the first mile — instead of the last — in the customer journey is integral to dignified, individualized healthcare.


Join us as we develop and deliver real-world analysis, providing the analytics that drive population evaluations, model strategic initiatives and interventions, and predict better outcomes.