Closing the gap on health disparities with a local approach

The Health Foundation of South Florida, the region’s largest philanthropic organization focused on achieving health equity in historically disadvantaged communities, recently named Melida Akiti as its new Board Chair. I recently interviewed Akiti to learn more about her vision for the Health Foundation and her hyper-local approach to closing the gap on health disparities among racial groups in South Florida.

Spatially Health creates modern data warehouse

New platform offers a smart approach to data storage and enhanced analytics to improve business strategy.

How data analytics can help mental illness

Steve Leifman has made it his life’s work to help people with mental illnesses. Now, an Associate Administrative Judge in the County Criminal Division of the Eleventh Judicial Circuit of Florida, covering Miami-Dade County, Judge Leifman’s name has become synonymous with the movement to keep people with mental illnesses out of jail and into appropriate medical and psychiatric treatment. To learn how data has helped him shape his successful programs, I sat down with Judge Leifman and asked him to share his insights.

Spatially Health has developed a vulnerability map to help

Spatially Health has developed a tool for the Health Foundation of South Florida to identify areas of health and racial disparities for COVID-19 mitigation strategies.

Healthcare spatial analytics: addressing the first mile

Saul Marquez, the Host of Outcomes Rocket, and Hillit Meidar-Alfi, CEO of Spatially Health…

The rise of healthcare spatial analytics

Location data is healthcare data. The most significant, underutilized factor directly affecting human health is environmental in all its forms: how people live, work, grow, and play. Many public and commercial entities have rightly integrated awareness of social factors with respect to population health, but it’s not a complete data picture, nor is it a forward vision.

How non-clinical social factors can be applied in practice

Over the past decade, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has shifted its payment structures away from volume-based care and toward value-based care. To discuss some of the challenges that providers face with this switch to value-based care, I spoke with Thao Tran, M.D., MPH, a physiatrist and the Chief Medical Officer and Chief Quality Officer for Provider Network Solutions in Miami.

Saving lives by leveraging data of persons

The global pandemic caused by the spread of COVID-19 has forever shifted life on our planet. At Spatially Health, we contextualize location-based intelligence for use in healthcare applications. We believe location data is healthcare data, useful and necessary to promote positive health outcomes.

Spatially Health launches map to show areas

Using reliable data sources and predictive modeling, the COVID-19 Local Vulnerabilities Map offers a tool to mitigate the impact of the Coronavirus in vulnerable areas.

R.I.P. Zip codes

While Salesforce didn’t exactly end the use of software – it just moved software to the more accessible cloud – it revolutionized how companies conducted their business. Spatially Health, like the Salesforce of 2000, has taken a novel approach to understanding what influences individuals’ healthcare needs and their decisions to seek care.