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Part Three: Converting Food Deserts to Food Swamps is Not Enough for Public Health

Many of us have heard of “food deserts”, where the only food available is unhealthy. There are No grocery stores, or corner markets with fresh fruit and vegetables, only fast food and dried/jarred/preserved foods functional.

However, these days, the more significant concern is “food swamps,” where there are healthy food options — but the number of unhealthy options drowns them out. And evidence shows that, even when we could go the extra mile to make a healthy food choice, we’re too tempted by what is easy, and go for unhealthy options more if they’re more available.

Far more of the United States is in a food swamp than a food desert. Are you making the impulse decision to eat fast food, even when healthier options are available?

Studies show that food swamps are dangerous to public health. Should we push to reduce their impact through zoning and financial incentives?

At Spatially Health, we understand the importance of creating healthier environments and promoting better food choices. If you are passionate about combating food swamps and want to see how Spatially Health can help, contact us today to request a demo. Together, let’s work towards a healthier future for all. Take the first step and reach out to us now!

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