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Florida Association of ACOs Welcomes Spatially Health as Business Partner


Florida Association of ACOs (FLAACOs), a ValueH organization and one of the leading voices for value-based care, announces Spatially Health, a cloud-based, health equity platform focused on identifying and addressing social determinants of health (SDOH) and health equity barriers, as its newest member.
Spatially Health’s Equity Equalizer™ uses technology to address challenges in health equity that influence an organization’s patients. The platform pinpoints specific obstacles to each patient’s health equity and recommends tailored solutions to stimulate patient involvement and boost the effectiveness of healthcare management strategies, culminating in better health results.

“Spatially Health is committed to bridging the health equity divide and improving healthcare quality. Our partnership with FLAACOS will play an integral role in our advancement towards these objectives, with key partners,” said https://www.linkedin.com/in/hillitmeidaralfi/Hillit Meidar-Alfi, co-founder and CEO at Spatially Health.

“Every ACO’s goal is to drive costs down and quality up” said Nicole Bradberry, CEO of the Florida Association of ACOs. “This requires real patient engagement to be successful. Without understanding the personal issues and barriers to the care of every individual this engagement isn’t possible. Spatially provides unique intel that allows providers to solve for these social determinants of health and/or health equity issues to really enhance patient engagement.”
Spatially Health is experiencing rapid growth and expansion, this year alone, the company has launched strategic partnerships with five key organizations using their Equity Equalizer™ platform to address SDOH. These partnerships include

ACO Health Partners, in Jacksonville, Florida, Asaar Medical, a Boca Raton FL-based ACO Reach Organization, Pacific Private Practice Network, an MSSP ACO based in California, Shore Quality Partners, an ACO Reach Organization in New Jersey, and ilumed, an Accountable Care Organization REACH comprised of more than 2,600 physicians and 56,000 Medicare patients based in Jupiter, Florida.

The platform has undergone significant enhancements, now equipped to measure the cost implications of health barriers, meet CMS compliance standards, and offer advanced tools to mitigate risks and improve quality in the context of SDOH health barriers. Spatially Health will continue to work hand in hand with its partners to introduce these capabilities gradually and ensure that they are fully leveraged to achieve the shared goal of advancing health equity.

About Florida Association of ACOs (FLAACOs), a ValueH Organization

ValueH is the leading member organization in the U.S. with a dedicated focus on driving positive and sustainable change in how value-based care is delivered and reimbursed. Founded in 2012, ValueH’s FLAACOs is a professional organization for accountable care organizations and healthcare leaders throughout Florida and beyond. The association brings organizations together and drives providers to work together to increase the quality of care delivered to patients while significantly lowering medical costs overall. To learn more please visit our websites at http://www.flaacos.com and http://www.valueh.comhttp://www.valueH.com and connect with us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

About Spatially Health

Founded in 2019, Spatially Health provides intelligent decision support and guidance platforms for risk-based organizations that are focused on improving the quality of health outcomes for vulnerable populations. Spatially Health is a female-founded and female-lead team, founded by Hillit Meidar-Alfi, Ph.D., and Adi Segal. Spatially Health is headquartered in Miami, Florida.
The company’s Equity Equalizer PlatformTM helps risk-based entities lower compliance and financial risks while improving the quality of health outcomes for vulnerable populations. Spatially Health is an SDOH expert whose platform ties SDOH factors to health outcomes and costs. The platform’s proprietary models leverage location intelligence and spatial analytics that go beyond ZIP codes and provide granular patient insights at the hyper-local level. Spatially helps identify and quantify SDOH health barriers at the individual level, guiding decision makers on where and how to allocate resources to maximize positive impact and promote equity.

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