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Health Equity Deadline Quickly Approaching 

With deadlines now pushed to April 28, 2023, risk-bearing organizations have a couple weeks to make sure they are not only set up to comply, but to thrive under the new guidelines for value based care and health equity. However, without direct, specific guidance on how to implement adjustments successfully, some companies may be left wondering if their solution only looks good on paper. 

Risk-bearing organizations should consider the following three points when choosing a health equity platform to partner with them ahead of the upcoming deadline: 


  1. Localized Data: To truly succeed in delivering on health equity, organizations need to consider social determinants of health (SDoH) impacting their patient populations, as SDoH plays such a pivotal role in health outcomes. However, the quality of the data for each individual matters greatly, making data that is most localized even more helpful. As such, risk-bearing organizations should consider solutions that can zoom in beyond a zip code, even within a community, in order to drive the most impactful intervention recommendations.

  2. SDoH from the Start: Some health equity platforms consider SDoH as an add on at the end of a treatment plan, but doing so hampers the potential benefits of considering SDoH in the first place. The most successful recommendations in terms of improved patient health outcomes result from platforms built on SDoH.

  3. Measurable Outcomes: The technology already exists that can provide measurable improvements for both patient outcomes as well as for ROI. As such, risk-bearing organizations can source options that can do just that. The bottom line – for both their ROI and patients’ health – depends on it. 


As the end of April draws closer, companies should take inventory of what platform they implemented and make sure it is working for them. To assess if adjustments are needed, companies need only look to their ROI and patients – they should both be winning. 

Partner with Spatially Health to leverage localized data, SDoH, and measurable outcomes to succeed under the new guidelines. Submit a demo request to learn more!

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