Spatially Health provides healthcare stakeholders
with an enhanced analytics platform that coordinates
the need for smart data storage with the speed of efficient data retrieval.


Fully-hosted, modern data warehousing is presented in tandem with a suite of robust, flexible computational tools designed to deliver insights and accelerate stakeholder growth through the power of AI.

Sophisticated Data-driven Analytics and Queries

Data-driven Analytics
and Queries

Ability to Develop New Business Models

Ability to Develop
New Business Models

Contextual and Non-contextual Data for Business Insights

Contextual and Non-contextual
Data for Business Insights

Controlled Costs and Savings

Controlled Costs
and Savings

On-Demand Data Integrations


Data generation has exploded in healthcare; however, when it comes to truly harnessing data to improve human health, the tech and tools employed are too often stuck in the past. The desire to innovate is there, but it is hampered by inefficiently fielding multiple data sources, including ones that may already be stale, and by outmoded data siloing. It is further hampered by running everything through legacy software.


Being nimble while operating in the healthcare ecosystem is rapidly becoming necessary. Furthermore, getting more granular with health data and highlighting the KPIs that unlock new opportunities for growth are key to solving today’s business problems. With features presented in an on-demand format, accessing Spatially Health’s modern data warehouse allows stakeholders to free up their administrative and business development departments from relying solely on internal systems and protocols when seeking analytics that go beyond clinical and financial data.


Besides delivering a more comprehensive “source of truth” for all BI needs, this added layer of insight from Spatially Health allows companies to strategize intelligently — testing new initiatives, pilot programs or expansion models — before committing to a costly internal investment or external expenditure.

Next-Gen Data Warehouses


At Spatially Health, we believe spatial analytics holds the key to unlocking the biggest challenges in healthcare today: ensuring dignified access and qualitative care, reducing costs, and removing the data inefficiencies embedded within legacy systems. Smart data warehousing is an integral component of this philosophy, a logical extension of adopting a high-compute infrastructure built to harness the power of machine learning. We are proud to offer both to our partners.


Working with our clients, we assist stakeholders across the healthcare spectrum. We stitch together two data problems and solve them with one elegant, simple solution: access to seamless data storage and actionable business analytics. This enables better decision making across every aspect and business component, helping our clients best serve their clients, customers and patients.


  • Insights across the enterprise
    Zero out inefficiencies. Facilitate growth. Increase ROI. Spatial intelligence assists all aspects of your operation.
  • Link disparate datasets
    The value in both structured and unstructured data is greatly enhanced once connected and analyzed.
  • Trend visualization
    Unlocking data signals in targeted populations fosters proactive engagement — literally staying ahead of the curve.
  • Empowered decision making
    Opportunities for improving health are created by clearly forecasting what is likely to happen, where and to whom.
  • Leading the way
    The integration of spatial analytics with financial and clinical data will set the new standard for optimizing quality
    healthcare delivery.
  • Uncover non-obvious relationships
    Spatial analytics reveal useful proximity connections, rarely considered with standard data collection.