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Risk-Bearing Organizations Face Challenges in 2023

This year, risk-bearing organizations may encounter hurdles. Having the right system in place to tackle the challenges can make a difference in the success they see. Here’s the kicker: risk-bearing organizations have the potential to thrive amidst these obstacles, both in terms of better patient health outcomes and measurable improvement in ROI. The platforms to aid them in doing so already exist. 

For instance, systems that consider social determinants of health (SDoH) from the onset can drive such success by supporting organizations on two fronts: staffing shortages and new regulations. 

First, the right solution can help lessen the burden of staffing shortages. Platforms that integrate with a group’s current system make less work for providers. For example, some models can deliver customized, evidence-based targeted intervention recommendations for each patient, accounting for each one’s individual SDoH, thus supporting doctors in including SDoH when designing care plans. In a system where providers are experiencing burnout at elevated rates, such a solution could be advantageous. 

Further, platforms can aid risk-bearing organizations in the changing compliance landscape. With the shift to value-based care, a need exists for groups to measure success. Here’s where the right solution matters. With a platform that leverages SDoH and dynamically adjusts with each patient, physicians always have access to up-to-date, relevant recommendations for every person. As a result of such personalized suggestions, patients can expect to see improved health outcomes. And in a value-based care model, better health outcomes can correlate with measurable increased ROI. 

Moving forward, those who rise to face the challenges of ongoing staffing shortages and the changing compliance landscape stand to win. This shift to value-based care will have success stories, and the risk-bearing organizations with the right systems in place will see their work pay out for both them and their patients.

At Spatially Health, we offer a platform that considers social determinants of health from the beginning. Our solution delivers customized, evidence-based targeted intervention recommendations for each patient, accounting for their individual SDoH. This helps alleviate the burden on providers and improves patient outcomes, leading to increased ROI. Don’t wait to take advantage of this powerful solution – submit a demo request today to learn more.

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