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Shore Quality Partners Taps Spatially Health to Incorporate Innovative Technology to Improve Health Equity and Address Social Determinants of Health (SDOH)

Spatially Health a cloud-based, health equity platform focused on identifying and addressing social determinants of health (SDOH) and health equity barriers has been tapped by Shore Quality Partners, an Accountable Care Organization comprised of more than 200 physicians and 42,000 Medicaid patients in New Jersey.

Spatially Health will support Shore Quality Partners in identifying and tackling health equity obstacles that affect its patients. This will be achieved by using Spatially Health’s Equity Equalizer™ platform, which will identify patient-specific health equity barriers and recommend customized interventions. This approach will encourage patient engagement and help optimize medical management initiatives, ultimately leading to improved health outcomes

Shore Quality Partners will incorporate Spatially Health’s advanced technology platform, to conduct a thorough assessment of each patient’s social determinants of health (SDoH) and propose personalized interventions to overcome their specific barriers. The platform adapts dynamically with every new patient dataset, ensuring precise and enduring recommendations for enhancing patient health outcomes.

“Having SDOH data that is local, focused, and actionable is our reason for working with Spatially Health so that we can better serve our patients. By knowing the challenges our patients individually face, we can better develop responses including referrals to social service agencies, better ways of delivering care, and better clinical outcomes. Actionable data can help us improve patients’ lives,” said Cliff Frank, CEO and Founder of Shore Quality Partners ACO.

“We are excited to embark on this partnership, which demonstrates how our platforms can have a transformative impact on progressive risk-bearing organizations and advance the cause of health equity. In joining efforts with Shore Quality Partners, an Accountable Care Organization comprised of more than 200 of the area’s finest physicians, Spatially’s technology will enable them to more effectively identify barriers to health equity and allocate resources to patients who require the most care,” said Hillit Meidar-Alfi, co-founder and CEO at Spatially Health.

“Spatially Health is dedicated to closing the health equity gap and enhancing the quality of care, and this partnership represents a significant step forward in achieving those goals. This collaboration highlights our unwavering dedication to the mutual goal of enhancing health outcomes and fostering a more equitable healthcare system”.

Shore Quality Partners joins the Spatially Health roster of organizations already using the Equity Equalizer™ platform to address SDOH. Earlier this year, Spatially welcomed ACO Health Partners, in Jacksonville, Florida, to the Spatially family and Asaar Medical, a Boca Raton FL-based ACO Reach Organization.

The platform has undergone significant enhancements, now equipped to measure the cost implications of health barriers, meet CMS compliance standards, and offer advanced tools to mitigate risks and improve quality in the context of SDOH health barriers. Spatially Health will continue to work hand in hand with its partners to introduce these capabilities gradually and ensure that they are fully leveraged to achieve the shared goal of advancing health equity.

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About Shore Quality Partners
SQP aims to achieve clinical integration through the collaboration of independent physicians, employed physicians, and the medical center. SQP allows community physicians to remain independent while forming a cooperative model that responds to local and national healthcare reform and competitive pressures. SQP is designed to help its participants improve patient care through quality and cost improvements. For more information, visit https://shorequalitypartners.com/ and connect with SQP on social media.

About Spatially Health
Founded in 2019, Spatially Health provides intelligent decision support and guidance platforms for risk-based organizations that are focused on improving the quality of health outcomes for vulnerable populations. Spatially Health is a female-founded and female-lead team, founded by Hillit Meidar-Alfi, Ph.D., and Adi Segal. Spatially Health is headquartered in Miami, Florida.

The company’s Equity Equalizer Platform™ helps risk-based entities lower compliance and financial risks while improving the quality of health outcomes for vulnerable populations. Spatially Health is an SDOH expert whose platform ties SDOH factors to health outcomes and costs. The platform’s proprietary models leverage location intelligence and spatial analytics that go beyond ZIP codes and provide granular patient insights at the hyper-local level. Spatially helps identify and quantify SDOH health barriers at the individual level, guiding decision makers on where and how to allocate resources to maximize positive impact and promote equity.

Connect with Spatially Health on LinkedInTwitter, Instagram, and YouTube.


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