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Spatially Health Announces Partnership With ACO Health Partners Using Innovative Technology: Putting Health Equity into Action

Spatially Health has announced a partnership with ACO Health Partners, LLC, a Jacksonville-based Shared Savings ACO. The partnership aims to leverage Spatially Health’s Equity Equalizer™ platform, which identifies health equity barriers at the patient level and provides targeted intervention recommendations that enhance patient engagement and improve medical management programs.

The Equity Equalizer™ platform will integrate with ACO Health Partners’ current workflow to identify SDoH barriers facing each patient. The proprietary geo-spatial and analytics models in the platform holistically analyze the SDoH of individual patients and then recommend targeted interventions to address the SDoH barriers for each patient. Additionally, the platform is dynamic and adjusts with each set of added patient data, so it evolves with ACO Health Partners over time. It also ranks patients by vulnerability, so that the needs of the most vulnerable population can be addressed first.

The Equity Equalizer™ platform has many additional capabilities including measuring cost in relation to health barriers, meeting CMS compliance requirements, and enhanced tools for mitigating risk and improving quality in relation to SDOH health barriers. Spatially Health and ACO Health Partners plan to work closely together to roll out these capabilities over time.

This partnership demonstrates Spatially Health’s focus on advancing Health Equity through strategic alliances with risk-based organizations focused on improving the quality of health outcomes for vulnerable populations.

To read the full press release on the partnership, click here.

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