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The Most Common Social Determinants of Health Barriers in West Virginia

In West Virginia, numerous social determinants of health barriers pose significant challenges to the well-being of communities. Factors such as poverty, limited access to healthcare providers, educational disparities, substance abuse, food swamps, and rural healthcare disparities impact the overall health outcomes of individuals in the region. Addressing these barriers is crucial for promoting health equity and improving the lives of West Virginians.

  • Poverty and socioeconomic status: Low income, unemployment, and limited access to education and resources can significantly impact health outcomes.

  • Limited access to providers: This includes challenges related to healthcare affordability, availability of healthcare facilities, and transportation barriers, particularly in rural areas.

  • Education and literacy: Limited educational opportunities and low literacy rates can affect an individual’s ability to understand health information, make informed decisions, and access resources.

  • Substance abuse and addiction: West Virginia has been disproportionately affected by the opioid crisis, leading to significant social and health challenges in the region.
  • Food Swamps: Areas where there are more corner stores and fast food restaurants than there are healthy food options

  • Rural healthcare disparities: Rural areas often face challenges related to healthcare infrastructure, healthcare provider shortages, and long travel distances to receive specialized care.

Spatially Health is committed to tackling the social determinants of health barriers in West Virginia and beyond. Our cloud-based health equity platform empowers healthcare organizations to proactively identify and address these challenges faced by vulnerable populations. By leveraging data and analytics, we help healthcare providers make informed decisions and implement targeted interventions to improve health outcomes. To learn more about how Spatially Health can assist your organization in addressing social determinants of health barriers, request a demo today. Together, let’s work towards a healthier and more equitable future.

Spatially Health is a cloud-based health equity platform that proactively partners with HCOs to identify and address SDoH barriers affecting adverse patient populations.

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