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VBCare Network Joins Forces with Spatially Health

MIAMI, Dec. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Spatially Health, a cloud-based, health equity platform focused on identifying and addressing social determinants of health (SDOH) and health equity barriers, has partnered with VBCare Network, a value-based provider network serving Medicaid and Medicare beneficiaries in Arizona. VBCare Network focuses on assisting patients to achieve their healthiest lives by driving lower-cost, better-quality, and more equitable healthcare outcomes. VBCare Network operates statewide serving over 100,000 Health Plan Medicaid enrollees providing value-based care to Medicaid, Medicare, and commercial health plan members.

Spatially Health will assist VBCare Network in tackling health equity issues that affect their patients, leveraging the company’s Equity Equalizer™ platform. Developed by Spatially Health, the platform is designed to identify distinct barriers to health equity for each patient and provide customized strategies to encourage patient participation. These strategies aim to enhance the efficiency of health management plans, ultimately leading to improved health outcomes.

VBCare Network will incorporate Spatially Health’s advanced platform to conduct an in-depth analysis of the social determinants of health (SDoH) for each patient. This will enable the formulation of personalized solutions to meet and enhance their specific health needs. The platform is dynamic, continuously adapting to evolving patient data, which ensures ongoing accuracy and relevancy in its recommendations for enhancing patient health outcomes.

“At VBCare Network, our core mission is to bridge the health equity divide, and our strategic partnership with Spatially Health is a leap forward in this endeavor. Their sophisticated cloud-based platform is an innovative tool that will enable us to dig deeper into the social determinants of health (SDOH) that uniquely affect our communities. By integrating Spatially Health’s capabilities into our operations, we anticipate not only identifying but also actively addressing the barriers to health equity with unprecedented precision. This collaboration empowers us to tailor interventions and deliver truly patient-centric care that acknowledges and overcomes the social and environmental factors impacting our patients’ health. Together with Spatially Health, we are forging a path to a more equitable healthcare landscape,” said Tony Rodgers, Chief Executive Officer of VBCare Network.

“Spatially Health is dedicated to closing the gap in health equity and enhancing the quality of care, and our partnership with VBCare Network marks a significant stride towards these goals,” stated Hillit Meidar-Alfi, co-founder and CEO at Spatially Health. “This collaboration is a solid affirmation of our unwavering commitment to our mutual goal of advancing health outcomes and fostering a more equitable healthcare landscape. Our joint efforts epitomize the transformative capability of our platforms to reshape and advance risk-bearing entities, driving the health equity agenda forward. By uniting with VBCare Network, Spatially Health’s innovative technology will enable more effective identification of health equity challenges and the strategic allocation of resources, thereby refining patient care.”

VBCare Network joins the Spatially Health roster of organizations already using the Equity Equalizer™ platform to address SDOH. Organizations already using the Equity EqualizerTM platform to address SDOH include Palm Beach ACO located in West Palm Beach, Florida, Asaar Medical, a Boca Raton FL-based ACO Reach Organization, Shore Quality Partners, an ACO Reach Organization in New Jersey and ilumed, an Accountable Care Organization REACH, based in Jupiter Florida.

The platform continues to evolve, helping ACOs gain deeper insights into their patient populations, identify health disparities, and allocate resources effectively to reduce compliance and financial risks and promote health equity. Spatially Health will continue working with its partners to introduce new capabilities and ensure they are fully leveraged to advance health equity.

Spatially Health’s Equity Equalizer™ platform pinpoints specific obstacles to each patient’s health equity and recommends tailored solutions to stimulate patient involvement and boost the effectiveness of healthcare management strategies, culminating in better health results.

About VBCare Network

VBCare Network serves over 100,000 Health Plan Medicaid enrollees, providing value-based care to Medicaid, Medicare, and commercial health plan members across Arizona to improve patient care quality, optimize health outcomes, and reduce costs. VBCare empowers its participating providers with patient outreach, data-driven insights, and support for complex cases, paving the way for a more efficient, effective, and patient-centered healthcare system in Arizona. For more information on VBCare, visit https://vbcarenetwork.com.

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