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Part Two: Food Swamps – Where Healthy Choices are Drowned Out

A food desert is defined by lack of availability; in an area defined as a food desert, there aren’t any options for fresh food.

But in a food swamp, there is some fresh food — but the number of unhealthy options drowns it out. In these areas, there may be a supermarket or a farmer’s market, but there are also many fast food restaurants, convenience stores, and other sources of junk food.

And new research shows that, even with some healthy options, we tend to go with what is convenient. Because of this, food swamps are turning out to be dangerous to public health as well.

This means that just having a nearby grocery store with fresh produce options isn’t enough; we ordinary people aren’t always going to choose the grocery over a fast food option. And the more fast food and unhealthy choices nearby, the less likely we are to choose the healthier option — and the more it’s reflected in our health.

Additionally, food swamps may cover far more of the United States than food deserts:

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