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We partner with risk-bearing organizations to achieve Health Equity

for REACH ACOs, MCOs, and MAs that care about patient health outcomes and ROI

Your partner in value based care
and health equity

We not only support our risk-bearing partners in complying with new health equity requirements, but we help REACH ACOs, MCOs, and ACOs see measurable results: both improved patient outcomes as well as increased ROI. Our platform seamlessly integrates with your risk-bearing organization’s technology to deliver personalized, targeted intervention recommendations based on SDoH (social determinants of health) for each of your patients. It’s a platform built on SDoH for health equity.

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Health equity support that grows with your risk-bearing organization

Even as your patient population shifts, our platform’s models dynamically adjust so you always have access to up to date, customized recommendations. Our models account for the unique SDoH impacting each of your patients so you can deliver what you do best: top of the line healthcare. We are your partner in complying with and thriving on new health equity and value based care regulations. Spatially Health delivers a pathway to health equity for your risk-bearing organization to thrive.

Spatially Health: your partner in Health Equity where
patients and risk-bearing organizations prosper.

Is your SDoH
platform working?

Get the health equity SDoH platform that can improve patient health outcomes and your company’s ROI.