The Health Equity Platform to Identify and Address Social Determinants of Health

ACO targeted intervention recommendations designed on SDoH

Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) impact patient health outcomes, making their consideration essential for effective treatment plans and health equity. But some ACO platforms only consider SDoH as an add on to a standardized protocol. To truly work for improved patient outcomes and health equity, your ACO’s models should consider SDoH from the start, holistically evaluating each patient and curating a report built on each person’s unique SDoH. With Spatially Health, SDoH is a foundation of our platform, not just an add on at the end, making its recommendations more relevant and effective for patient outcomes and ultimately saving your ACO money. This is health equity done right.

Advance beyond health equity compliance

Spatially Health makes you more than just compliant with new ACO Reach regulations for SDoH and health equity. With us, you can see improved patient outcomes and ROI. This is an SDoH platform that works for everyone: patients, providers, and your ACO’s bottom line. If your health equity platform is not showing measurable improved ROI for your company’s bottom line, it is not doing its job.
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Dynamic platform for improved results

Spatially Health’s health equity platform seamlessly integrates with your ACO’s technology to deliver customized, evidenced-based targeted intervention recommendations for each of your patients, accounting for each one’s unique SDoH. And our platform dynamically adjusts so you always have up to date, relevant insights.

Localized SDoH analysis

Some platforms integrate SDoH, but they do not look granularly enough at SDoH to make practical recommendations for a given patient. At Spatially Health, our health equity models zoom within a zip code, more pinpointed than a community, to deliver targeted intervention recommendations for each of your ACO’s patients.
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The Health Foundation of South Florida wanted to improve its management of health risks that underserved communities of Miami-Dade and Broward counties face, especially with the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic. Spatially Health customized its Local Vulnerabilities Scoring and Mapping specifically for the Health Foundation to identify populations that are vulnerable to health problems because of prevalent social, racial and economic disparities. This customized and scalable tool helps the Health Foundation target where testing sites, educational outreach and other mitigation strategies will have the greatest impact on these vulnerable communities, and it measures outcomes, too.
Provider Network Solutions (PNS), like other healthcare stakeholders, had been using a traditional data warehouse to manage its data. It needed a customized tool that offers advanced reporting and sophisticated analytics to capture business intelligence and promote data-driven growth. Spatially Health developed a next-generation data warehouse to help PNS extract, organize and use its data to report on key pieces of business and to improve its business workflows, develop new business models and support its network of providers and health plan customers.
A national health plan administrator sought an analytical tool for mapping locations and relationships between primary care physicians and specialists and between specialists and hospitals. Using its understanding and indices of the Spatial Determinants of Health that affect referrals, Spatially Health developed a customized tool. This customized tool helped the health plan administrator design a high-quality, high-performance and expanded provider network that controls costs and improves the member experience.

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